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About LaRusso

LaRusso himself in a very cool pose

LaRusso (named after the famous Karate Kid from the 80s movie) is an electronic music project by Mark Brückner (me :) ), a Hamburg (Germany) based music producer and multi-instrumentalist. I always had a very diverse music taste. There is so much good music out there, no matter the genre!
I was born as the youngest child in my family, in the mid-70s. We were 4 siblings and music always played an important role. In our apartment the music of various bands boomed from the speakers: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden but also The Beatles and The Bee Gees. This all has left its mark.

I made my first serious attempts at making music in the mid-90s. From then on I played guitar in several local metal bands. At the end of the 2000s I released my first album with my band Mental Vortex, where I was the singer and guitarist.
Shortly after that the band split up and there was a long musical break.

A few years later I discovered by chance that there was apparently a music style that was strongly influenced by the 80s, even if idealized.
This music style was and is Synthwave.
Bands like The Midnight and FM-84 inspired me to start my own electronic music project.
I replaced the guitars with synthehizers!

This was the birth of LaRusso, - a synthwave project which is heavily influenced by the movies & music from the 80s.

My songs often have catchy melodies with a special cinematic vibe ment to evoke nostalgic emotions to the listener. Most of the time I'm using analog synth emulations & the sound of old drum machines to create a distinct analog type of sound. Here and there I spiced it up with some (Prog) Rock / Metal and Ambient elements.

Last year, I released my first full-lenght album From Light to Darkness, a 60 minute synth-driven nostalgic journey. Just a couple of days ago, my latest single Rush saw the light of day.
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